Call of Duty: Black Ops News

May 01, 2010


Call of Duty: Black Ops News
The next Call of Duty has been announced! The new title will be "Call of Duty Black Ops" and is to be released November 9th, 2010.

The teaser trailer is provided below. A more detailed trailer to be release during the Eastern Conference Finals. Rumors have been surfacing that Treyarch will be putting just as much emphasis on co-op and they will be on single-player and multiplayer. Hey, what about zombies? Well that topic was brought up, however not much was said.

Call of Duty: Black Ops will be set during the cold war and will include site such as Cuba, the Artic, and Vietnam.

Mark Lamia says:

"The team is really excited about creating a game in this period. We really felt like it was fertile ground for us and we could provide something fresh for gamers. Our writers are focused on telling an epic story. You will see the evolution of some of these characters through time and the conflict."



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