Call of Duty: Black Ops News

May 01, 2010


Call of Duty: Black Ops News
Welcome to our new site everyone! After the news of a new Call of Duty title, we have decided to continue brining you news related to it.

BLACKOPSRESOURCE.COM plans to bring you the latest news and media about Black Ops. If you find information that you feel should be added that is not already here, please contact us and we will do our best to add it to our site.

We have changed our layout dramatically compared to our Modern Warfare 2 website. That means we made it better than before! We hope that the success achieved with that site will continue onto this site and that you find it just as useful. RSS feeds will be added soon to the news content so you can be the first one to hear!



Danny Nash says:

January 08, 2012 2:56 am

Heard of a factory was built clost to USA and going to build new military products very valuble for world military. I would like to know the name of this company, as I am an old vet. This product will be used on all new weapons and planes and even missels. Very new and important and I think from products found in earth. Could you e-mail me that name of factory. I would like to see what it is. Thank You

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